Man on Fire 3

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Copper Crystal Maquette

Materials: Copper crystals and resin

Size: 23cm height x 8cm x 8cm

Edition: Original sculpture

Catalogue No: MF#9991

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Copper Crystal Maquettes

Using a technique developed by Jason deCaires Taylor, this maquette has been patinated by a process of passing small electrical currents through a copper solution. Over time, copper crystals artificially grow on the surface of the works that are submerged in special tanks at the UK Studio. Please be rest assured that there are no living organisms used in the production of these works. The process of mineral accretion using copper aims to replicate the formations found on the oceanic installations and creates a level of detail that is impossible to create by human hand. Once removed from the solution, the works are stable and hot / cold patinated like traditional metal finishes. 


All of Jason deCaires Taylor’s artwork is protected by copyright and is accompanied by a unique signed certificate of authenticity with embedded security measures. 


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This particular maquette is available to purchase through the website and free world-wide shipping is included. Contact the Studio directly for a copy of the latest catalogue to view all of Jason deCaires Taylor’s creations that are currently available.

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